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What are the best soft beads for steelhead?

There are several companies that have started producing soft beads as of late. B&R, Mad River, Lured Beads, even HEVI Beads has gotten into the soft beads game. These are all decent companies, but I prefer the Horker Soft Baits Monster Chomps soft fishing beads. They're more durable than most soft beads out there and very effective for Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead, Their Bloody Disco Ball is a straight up fish killer not to mention the Ghost Shrimp beads and Death Prawn are very effective as well.

The only draw back with their Monster Chomps so far is that they currently only manufacture 16mm soft beads. I did hear that they will be making 20mm here pretty soon and have plans to go as big a 22mm. Anyway I love their beads. You can check them out at if you like they have a great product.

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