The ultimate salmon and steelhead hoochie spinners

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The Hoochie bomb, one of the most effective casting spinners ever made. These UV Dazzlers are straight up fish killers. Picture this, twenty anglers standing on the bank pitching spinners, suddenly a guy steps up in the middle of the crowd. Four casts later and three fish on the bank guess what just happened.

Your fishing hole blown up by the our Hoochie Bomb. Don't take our word for it, just ask our pro staffer Tyler Meholick he's actually did just that. As you can imagine everyone wanted to know what he was fishing and now they're all fishing the Hoochie Bomb too! You have two choices next time you hit the river, hide and watch us catch fish or start blowing up holes yourself. Get our Hoochie Bomb today! Salmon Spinners that catch fish like no other.

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