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We offer the following options



Banner Ads

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Featured Articles

When it comes to featured articles your company gets prominent placement on our site and your quality content is seen by all. These articles are on our home page for a month, but best of all remain on our site forever. That means that years from now your article will still be picked up by the search engines. The cost for a featured article on NWFN is very affordable at only $300 per article so act now because as our site get more and more traffic the cost of features article will start to go up. Now is the time to get your article seen of NWFN because right now the cost is still fairly low.



NWFN Classifieds

Last but not least is our Northwest Fishing News classifieds. Our classified advertising is the most affordable advertising option we offer, ranging anywhere from $5 to $25. List your business in our NWFN Classifieds today and promote your goods and services to our visitors for next to nothing.


We can also put together custom advertising packages that include Banner ads, features articles, and classifieds all in one. For more info and advertising with NWFN, call 206-450-7947 or e-mail [email protected]