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Cowlitz River Rule Change

Effective date: April 1, 2015, until further notice.

Species affected: Steelhead.

Location: Cowlitz River from boundary markers at the mouth upstream to 400 feet (or posted markers) below the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery barrier dam.

Reason for action: There has been a strong showing of late winter run hatchery steelhead on the Cowlitz to date. The hatchery brood stock goal is expected to be met.

Other information: Barbless hooks are required. From the Lexington Bridge Drive in Lexington upstream to the Highway 505 Bridge in Toledo, anglers may fish with two poles with a Two-Pole Endorsement.

New rules will be coming out in July. Under recently approved permanent rules, barbed hooks may be used in the month of July. In addition, anglers with a Two-Pole Endorsement may fish with two poles upstream to 400 feet (or posted markers) below the barrier dam beginning July 1.

All other permanent rules apply including the Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Endorsement.

Information contact: (360) 696-6211. For latest information press *1010.

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