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WDFW Commission to discuss Willapa Bay, Grays Harbor salmon fisheries

02/18/2016 – J. W. Snyder – Northwest Fishing News 


Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor salmon fisheries are on the slate for this coming commission meeting  


OLYMPIA – The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is scheduled to take action on the protective status of four wildlife species at a public meeting Feb. 26-27 in Olympia.

The commission will also receive briefings and take public comments on salmon management actions over the past year in Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay as well as in-season management of Hood Canal chum salmon.

In other business, shellfish managers will provide a briefing on proposed season changes for clams and oysters on 20 Puget Sound public beaches. The commission will take public comments on those proposals before making a decision.

Additionally, WDFW staff will provide a briefing on 10 proposals to acquire land for fish and wildlife habitat and public recreation. The department will seek potential funding from state and federal grants for approved projects later this year.

If you have the time please attend the meeting and show your support for the sport fishing industry. Any representation we might have will only help to benefit our cause. It’s our duty as Washington anglers to take part in these meetings if able to do so and give voice on behalf of the sport fishing community.



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