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The recipe for success when pitching spinners for steelhead

When it comes to fishing artificial lures, steelhead spinners are one of the tried and trued lures every angler should have in their arsenal. One of the great things about fishing spinners for steelhead is that you can cover a lot of water. Covering water give you the maximum ability to get your lure in front of one of those Chromer’s and when they hit it look out. Steelhead tend to really hit spinners aggressively so when you get a strike you’ll know it.


Spinner Fishing Basics

Spinner fishing is a bit different than other methods in that you don’t want to keep your rod tip high. Doing so will generally cause the spinner to surface and skip across the top to the water. Keep your rod tip low even close the to water to help your spinner stay in the water at a depth where the fish can see it.


Casting Spinners

when it comes to casting spinners some folks will tell you never to cast your spinner downstream as steelhead and other fish feed on whatever comes at them from upstream. by casting upstream you’ll be bringing your lure to them in the direction they are used to getting their food.


Covering Water

One of the best ways to cover water is a technique call fan casting. This tactic is probably one of the most effective methods employed when fishing spinners for steelhead. For example, if fishing from the bank you’ll want to cast and retrieve first to your 9 o’clock first, then 12 o’ clock then your 3 o’clock. This allows you to cover more water and significantly increase your chances of attracting a steelhead to the bite.


Change up Reeling speed

One of the techniques that many anglers use when fishing spinners is the changeup. Change your reeling speed here and there, give the tip of your pole a flick now and then. This will change the action of your spinner and may just be just the ticket for attracting a steelheads attention or even better take a bite.


Stay off the hole

Many anglers fail to catch fish even when they’re all stacked up in the hole right in front of their eyes. Over and over again you reel your spinner right by them and nothing happens. Guess what, if we’re talking sunny sky’s and clear water those fish can see you plain as day. To them your just another predator and if they get spooked, you can forget about getting them to bite. I learned a long time back, your best fishing conditions are when to fish don’t know you’re there. Try to stay back off the hole and cast a bit farther. You’ll be surprised and the result.



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