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The latest form of extreme fishing, SUP Fishing!


As if kayak fishing wasn’t enough, today there is a new generation of extreme fishing enthusiast that have taken to their paddle boards, with a fishing pole in hand looking to challenge mother nature and catch the big one.

First origins of the sport were surfboard fishing, a risky affair to say the least. Battling waves on a surfboard and pitching gear for fish at the same time definitely proved a challenge.  With the popularization of stand up paddle boards in 2013, the sport has evolved into the fishing segment. The paddle board is far more favorable over the traditional surfboard due to the fact a paddleboard is more forgiving in regards to stability.




Present day paddleboard Fishing AKA (Sup Fishing) has evolved into a legitimate sport. Think about it, a portable fishing dock you can take almost anywhere. Slap a cooler on it for a seat, add a few other accessories like a pole holder and hit the water to catch the beast. Extreme fishing at its best, hook into one and get off balance it’s straight into the drink.



None the less more and more anglers are being drawn to the sport because of the sheer affordability. Literally for a couple hundred dollars and you can have yourself your very own SUP fishing boat. Some will even allow the attachment of a motor.

There are several different classes of SUP boats today and it’s not hard to find the best fishing paddle board for the type of fishing you’re interested in. For example, if you’re looking to fish big water you can get a Bote Rover that allows for the attachment of several items like anchor, motor and cooler seat as well as an upright handle for greater stability. List price is around $3500 making the Bote one of the more expensive of the SUP boats.

If that’s a little to rich for your blood and you’re interested in something more affordable. In the economy class, you have the California Board Company Marlin that is a quality board that runs around $500



One thing for sure is that SUP fishing is here to stay with thousands of new companies popping up every year offering their version of the latest greatest new SUP boats. These boards are extremely portable, fairly affordable and just plain fun to fish from.  Check out the latest boards for your self and see why people are taking up SUP Fishing, the new extreme fishing sport.







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