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Soft Fishing Beads for Northwest salmon and steelhead

Soft fishing beads have become the wave of the future and more and more Northwest anglers are catching on. Over the years bead fishing was all about hard beads. The goal was to find beads that most closely resembled a natural salmon egg. These beads were renowned for tricking steelhead to the bite. During a salmon spawn, steelhead and coastal cutthroat just lay back behind the spawning fish awaiting tasty protein packed globes of salmon roe to come drifting by.



All an angler has to do from there is find the right colors and simply drift these beads through the water where the fish where all stacked up. Generally it doesn’t take long and look out, it’s fish on. However, today there’s a new bead game in town. When it comes to fishing beads a soft bead is just a little bit trickier. You see since they’re soft, spongy, and neutral buoyant they have more of a natural egg consistency making them a potent addition to anyone’s angling arsenal.



The idea behind the success of our Monster Chomp soft fishing beads is that when a fish takes them, they tend to hold on just a bit longer. This gives anglers a bit more time to set the hook. On the flip side, when a fish hits a hard bead they tend to spit it out right away. Even though fish have a brain the size of a hazel nut, they understand that these hard beads are not the real deal. With soft beads they think it’s real. In the beginning there really weren’t many color options, today they are almost limitless colors, scents, UV none UV, you name it.  Best of all they are very effective when fishing for salmon, trout, and steelhead.

One thing for sure soft beads are here to stay. Among the top manufacturers are Mad River, BnR, Lured, Horker, and a few more. We’re fans of Horker Soft Baits Monster Chomp soft beads because they use a harder soft plastic than Mad River or BnR. This results in a stronger bead that will last longer. Also Horker has some killer colors that are simply amazing when it comes to catching steelhead their steelhead beads are among the best in the business. In addition all their beads are UV enhanced.



Monster Chomp soft steelhead beads by Horker Soft Baits


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