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ODFW clarifies South and North Umpqua angling regulations

February 25, 2016 – J. W. Snyder – NWFN


ROSEBURG, Ore – Umpqua Basin angling is in full swing and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is explaining several rules that currently apply. Below are clarifications of these rules which are in the print version of the regulations.

All regulations are being clarified online, and anglers should check the ODFW website before heading out.

South Umpqua River

Use of bait is allowed.
Tributary information is mistakenly listed under South Fork Coquille.
North Umpqua River

Anti-snagging gear restriction on the North Umpqua River extends from Lone Rock Boat Launch to the painted line upstream of Rock Creek.
The Salmon/Steelhead Bobber Rule on page 12 of the regulations does not apply to the North Umpqua. There is no leader length restriction when bobber fishing on the North Umpqua.
As the fishing seasons change, anglers need to look at the online Southwest Zone regulations for the most updated information.


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