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home National News, Recent News There’s Monster Walleye called Zander, lurking in Netherlands waters.

There’s Monster Walleye called Zander, lurking in Netherlands waters.

When it come to fishing for pike-perch, Amsterdam in the Netherlands is offering up some world-class trophy sized Zander. Closely related to the Walleye pike the Zander is like a Walleye on steroids.

For those not familiar with fishing in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is well-known as a pike-perch fishing hot spot, and is considered by many to be the Mecca of pike-perch. Zander anglers from around the world come to fish the renowned Amsterdam region in hopes they will get a shot at catching one of these monster fish. These larger than life pike-perch type fish can get up to 44lbs and are being caught in the Amstel, the IJ, North Sea, Molenplas, Beautiful Nel, Gooimeer, Nieuwe Meer & Ouderkerkerplas which is a quick jaunt from Amsterdam.

When you arrive in Amsterdam, there are several good guides that will be more than happy to offer you their services and the rates are fair.

You of course will need to bring your fishing permit for the areas you wish to fish, but poles and tackle are generally provided by your guide and sometimes even food and beverages.

There is more than adequate lodging available throughout the Amsterdam area and plenty to do when you’re not on the water. Amsterdam is well-known for its rich history and offers up a wealth of arts and entertainment than can be enjoyed throughout the city.

Just don’t have too much fun, because you’ll need to be up bright and early for the next day’s fishing activities.

The photo of the giant Zander you see above was provided by one of the well-known and established fishing guides in the Amsterdam area. “King Charly Guide Service” has been services the region for several generations and will gladly meet your needs when it comes to catching the big one.

If you’re interested in embarking on a fishing adventure and learning more about Zander fishing in the Netherlands go to

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