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Looking for Steelhead beads that actually work?


When it comes to steelhead beads, there’s a local Northwest company that’s taking the fishing world by storm. Stone Cold Beads rigorously tests their beads and through trial and error have come across the winning ingredient. Their recipe for success has won over fishing enthusiasts from across the country. What’s their secret? Creating a product that is friendly for the environment and actually catches fish.



Very few beads companies today are willing to stand behind their product and prove the results. Stone Cold Beads does exactly that, through rigorous testing of their beads and lures they are showing the sports fishing industry a unique product that catches fish over and over again.


Once anglers get a taste of the effectiveness of Stone Cold Beads products it’s a match made in heaven.



Today Stone Cold Beads is one of the fastest growing fishing beads manufacturers in the Northwest. Their beads are affordable, eco-friendly, and effective and soon tackle shops throughout the region will start carrying Stone Cold Beads products.



Check with your favorite tackle shop today, if they don’t have Stone Cold Beads on the shelf, recommend they carry them, or just go directly to and buy them online.






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