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How to Surf Fish for Saltwater Catfish


Learning how to surf fish can be a difficult task. Fishing from the shore of the beach is often a lot hard than it looks. Fish are able to take your bait easier because it is hard to tell if something is taking your bait or if the waves are causing your rod to bend.  In this article, we will cover some tips for catching saltwater catfish when surf fishing.


Rod and Reel Combo


In order to successfully catch catfish while fishing in the sea, you need to make sure you have the right surf fishing rod and reel combination.


Surf fishing Rod – Catching Saltwater Catfish


The surf fishing rod should be a casting rod. Casting rods are longer than normal fishing rods to allow for maximum torque when casting. This result in casts that can go further distances.


Surf fishing Reel – Catching Saltwater Catfish


The reel that should be used for catching catfish in the ocean is a spinning reel. Spinning reels are the easiest reels to cast long distances. When surf fishing it is important that the cast is long. Accuracy does not matter in this case. After casting the spinning reel, flip the lever to lock in the drag.


Be sure to tighten the line until the rod is slightly bent and the fishing weight is firmly caught in the sand like an anchor.


Fishing Bait


The best fishing bait for catching catfish while surf fishing is shrimp, squid, or minnows. Catfish are bottom feeders and often feed on protein. Be sure to run the hook all the way through the bait. This will not allow the catfish to nibble the bait and eat it without eating the hook. Another important thing to note is that these catfish do not have large mouths. There is no need to put an entire minor, squid, or shrimp on the hook. Simply cut the bait into smaller bite-sized pieces and place them on your hook.


Patience When Fishing


One of the keys to surf fishing for catfish is patience. Be patient and constantly watch the tip of the rod. Many fishermen mistake the constant pulling of the waves for a fish. You will quickly be able to tell the difference between a real fish and the pressure created from waves. When the catfish bites the hook you will see multiple quick shakes at the top of the rod. Take the rod and reel in your hands and do not yank it back. Simply begin to reel in the line at a firm pace. Yanking the rod and reel will sometimes rip the bait right out of the catfish’s mouth.





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