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Can I fish in the rain? These 5 tips say you can


Rain is the unavoidable reality that every angler must face. It’s fairly possible to fish in the rain but I don’t recommend you to continue if there’s any thunderstorm.


Experienced angler knows how to capitalize on any opportunity that rain might represent. Such as during steady rain in the summer can be a good time to land some fish, especially in the midday.


Besides, a good rain washes in many vital nutrients and insects into the water. So hungry fish can go on a feeding frenzy and become less alert about their surroundings. Perfect opportunity to strike.


Now let’s see how we can fish more efficiently in the rain, shall we? And for more amazing tips and tricks, stay with us at topreviewgeek. We post a couple of times a week.


5 pro tips to fish in the rain


  1. Have you tried topwater?


As the rain pours down, the surface of the water gets broken and the cloud makes the sunlight disappear. A perfect time to land some prize sized fish if you toss up topwater baits of course.


If you don’t want to use live bait, then make sure to pick a bait which creates a fair bit of commotion on the water surface. A bait that makes some splashing and noises are great for this scenario and doesn’t shy away from picking a larger size than usual.


  1. Clearwater


When rainwater brings essential deposits and dumps it into the water, it might turn clear water into muddy really quick. This can make fishing very strenuous.


Look for clear water right away. But you have to do it when the rain just started. Because that time you’ll be able to identify the clear water easily.


But this will only work if you fish in a big lake. You can slowly drift away from the primary feeding streams if it is raining for a while. You’ll find fish at the covers such as dense vegetations, tall grass and tree shadows near the shoreline.


  1. Follow the wind


The movement pattern of the fish gets disrupted during rain. They scatter in unsuspecting places leaving you clueless and confused. But if you look for the school of baitfish, be sure to find bass and other predatory fish nearby. Perfect time for your best bass fishing rod to shine.


These baitfish get blown around quite a bit because of their small size. So feel where the downwind is, and search for them at that part of the lake.


If the wind is intense, then stop fishing altogether. But if you still risk it, look to fish near the covers like-


  • Docks
  • Fallen tree trunks
  • Tall grass and dense vegetation area
  • Underneath low hanging branches
  • Near any abandoned vessels


  1. Get Closer


Sizable bass like to take cover in tight corners and stiff creeks. We already know, getting too close or repeated casting may spook these tasty treats.


But when it’s raining, things are on your side. If it’s the shallow your fishing in, simply move towards those spots as much as you can. Fish won’t detect vibrations and movements in the water because of pouring rain of course.


  1. Water temperature


Water temperature plays an interesting role when raining. Let’s say you’re fishing on a later spring or early summer. Rain in this season will drastically reduce water temperature. This will encourage fish to come out of their covers and shelters and go on a feeding frenzy.


Now, during late autumn and early winter, the rain actually increases the water temperature. Again encouraging fish to feed. So whenever it’s raining, if you can withstand the wetness, I suggest you take out your tackle box.


Essential gear checklist


  • PVC or waterproof breathable rain jacket
  • Don’t forget to get your fishing license
  • Waterproof pouch or bag for electrical appliances
  • Fishing tackle box with lures and other tools
  • First aid kit for any unexpected incidents
  • An army switch knife ( optional )
  • Gopro hat-mounted camera ( optional )


In the end


It was raining, quite hard. I didn’t have any jacket so went for covers at the nearest redwood tree. I saw someone blazing towards me. Her grey eyes, blonde hair, light pink lips, took my breath away. Folks, that’s where I met my soulmate, and still going strong even after 22 years.


You will see the beautiful side of life and nature when its raining. It’s a blessing from the Almighty.


Oh, one other thing that I forgot to mention. Use colorful baits such as crankbaits and popping corks. These baits are colorful and make noise to attract fish. Since the water is all muddy and visibility as well the sound is limited for the fish to pick up on.


That’s it for today folks, hope I have done enough to feed your curiosity. Until next time. Let the rain add color to your sunset sky.


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