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home Archives, Washington Fishing News Blake Bernier catches his second salmon on the Big Quil River

Blake Bernier catches his second salmon on the Big Quil River

Nine year old Blake Bernier from Fife, Washington caught the second salmon of his young life today on the Big  Quilcene river. Blake was giving fishing lessons to allot of the folks on the water who where swinging away trying to snag fish but coming up empty handed.  Blake had his rig set up with a cannon ball and three foot of leader with a small hook with red yarn. Blake plunked his setup in the water and just waited. Next thing you know a beautiful 6 plus pound coho came swimming by taking Blake’s offering. Blake patiently set the hook and it was on.

Everyone pulled out of the water to what the 9 year old fight this fish of his lifetime. The coho gave us a show with a healthy dose of acrobatics but Blake held true keeping just enough pressure on the like until finally he banked it. The river erupted with cheers and congratulation for the young boy who fished the river like a true steward. Thanks for the great show Blake, you earned it.


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