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Best fishing lodges that offer guided fishing trips in BC.


Canada is renowned for excellent fishing with a vast number of rivers and streams, inland lakes, and rugged coastal regions all teeming with fish to be caught. Amid this angler utopia, many all-inclusive fishing lodges provide not only a guided fishing experience of a lifetime but a complete all-inclusive package including meals and accommodations as well.

If you’re looking for guided fishing trips in BC, check out They have one of the largest listings of top-notch all-inclusive fishing lodges in the region and are a one-stop shop for planning your next great fishing adventure.



When you go to you’ll enjoy their elegantly designed website, with easy to use features and simple navigation that allows you to access everything you’re looking for. To find guided fishing trips in BC, just search specific regions for fishing lodges in the area of your choice. One very nice feature about is that they have a wonderful map that shows all the fishing lodge locations. You can get the bird’s eye view of an area of interest, select a lodge in that area and get tons of valuable information about the services they offer.

Another great thing about is that you can compare a lodge’s TripAdvisor rating with other similar lodges in the same area. In fact, you can easily compare all attributes of every lodge with other lodges easily—price, what’s included, types of fishing available, species targeted, and more.

All lodge descriptions show very detailed information about the species of fish they target, the accommodations they offer, their boats, plus the pricing of their guided fishing trip packages. You can even inquire directly with one or multiple lodges as to the times and dates they have open.

It’s as easy as that. So next time you’re researching guided fishing trips in BC, be sure to check out, they make it easy and do all the work for you, you just browse and select and you’re all set.



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