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Why advertise with Northwest Fishing News? Because millions of fishing enthusiasts are using our fishing information services every day. Over half a million on just one website alone and guess what we have a bunch of them, all providing anglers with valuable fishing information about fishing in the Northwest. Plus we have ton’s of subscribers to our e-mail newsletters plus hundreds of text alert fishing reports going out, and hundreds of thousands of our news papers on racks all over the Northwest.

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We use a three point strategy to promote your business.


Web, Wireless and Print.




Get on our high ranking fishing information websites. With premium placing on Northwest Fishing News, Lunker’s Guide, Northwest Fishing Directory, Spawn Alert and more. Plus we have several specialty sites that target specific areas like the Columbia river, Rogue, Cowlitz, Kenai and more. If you offer services in the demographic areas of our specialty sites. We have some excellent online marketing options for you.

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Mobile marketing solutions with NWFN, In today’s society it’s all about mobile. Mobile has had such a significant impact the now google require mobile freindly websites to rank. Here are NWFN We have mobile solutions to fit your business. We are among the few companies that provide fishing information through a text message mobile alert system. We send out thousands of SMS/Text Message fishing reports every year. This is one of the most effective ways to market because over 99% on all text messages get opened and read. These are people who want your goods and services and we can promote your business though our text message alert system as well.




Last but not lease our Northwest Fishing News Newspaper. We print 20 thousand copies per month for a total of 240 thousand copies per year. Best of all is the distributed. We have one of the best distribution network in the Northwest. Our papers are distributed at key locations like local tackle and bait shops, marinas, sporting goods and outdoor sports stores like Cabela’s, Dicks, Bass Pro, Walmart, Big 5, Sportsmans Warehouse, Hotels, Visitor Centers, Convention Bureau’s, ferry terminals and more.


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